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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Vision of Sacred Union

Long ago, I had a vision of the religions in our world uniting to share their gifts with each other and the result being like clicking together pieces of a puzzle that shows a universal Truth, which delivers real Love and Peace to all of humanity.

   During my time of exploring religions I had felt most connected to the ancient core of some of the Native American spiritual beliefs, because they contained values that were the same as mine and they seemed to have a sacred connection that was the same as the one I was born with. This Wisdom has a strong focus on respecting all living things including the Earth and animals as well as ALL fellow human beings, on the importance of realizing the help that birds and other animals can be for us, on the importance of seeing ourselves as equal to other beings, on the importance of having Heart and sharing compassion, on the importance of using natural plants for medicine, on the importance of letting go of ego and being humble, on the importance ofpaying attention to our  dreams and visions, on the importance of being free...etc. It is so sad that we have been losing it through cruelty, oppression and holocaustal levels of targeting.
   It is so sad that so many of our most deeply caring people, from all walks of life, have been being destroyed. I hope the Heart of humanity is restored and the Wisdom of these values is honored by all, so that we can all live in peace and safety.

P.S. Those who target me were sending me bibles after the tortures got worse and kept delivering messages like, "You have to get right with God." This was all so wrong! I WAS right with God and they have been beating it out of me and this is another way that I can deeply relate to the Native America people. This has been happening to them too. Its wrong. Its just too wrong. God is Love and Love does not do what they do to me, so I think they are the ones who need to get right with God. I was raised Catholic, but I was born with the Spirit of the Native American.
    I don't want to join ANY religion, not even the Native America one, because I have actually wanted to start my own religion, one that gathers the ancient Wisdoms/gifts that I sense in some other religions and brings them together to share with people - ALL people, because it would not be the type of religion that people have to join - it would welcome Catholics and Baptists and Native Americans and Buddists and Hindi and Amish...etc. This is one of the things I was supposed to be doing with my life. It is sad that I have been being prevented from doing this in my recovery centers, which have also been being prevented by the targeting.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom

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From Awareness to Freedom

From Awareness to Freedom

   Most of us can sense that there is something horribly wrong in our world, something that lurks behind most of the troubles we are faced with on a global scale, but most of us don’t know what it is. There are many confusing theories and it’s hard to know the Truth, because the core problem is something that most people have not even imagined possible or curable. But what is happening is possible and it can be stopped – Freedom can be restored. Far more people must become fully aware, in order for Freedom to be restored. And all of humanity must become fully aware, in order for a full recovery to take place.
   As you read this, please push past possible walls of doubt and do your best to listen closely to your own instincts. Please don't let yourself launch into blind disbelief, because your awareness may be one of the catalyst for deeply needed positive change in your life as well as that of your loved ones and others. Please become aware.

Awareness is the first step that must be taken, in order to start regaining
 vital Freedoms, which most people are not even aware have been lost.

 My first posts on this blog, in 2018, have been blocked from public view. Hopefully these new postings will remain up.

To Save Our Children - Humanity's Future

To Save Our Children - Humanity's Future 

Please print this from the web and freely share it with others.
copyrighted with all rights reserved 2017, 2019 and earlier dates for some content. by Sharon R. Poet. (pka Namatari Neachi)
 No part of this article can be altered or profited from in any way or form.

   Keeping our children safe from harm, is critically important. Children are vulnerable and defenseless little human beings who will be representing humanity's future. Providing the safety, that is needed for our children, requires the rest of us making every effort we can to realize what harms them and stop it from reaching or hurting them. Most of us already know the basics, but there is more to be learned, especially with the process of protecting children's psychological, emotional and spiritual health from things that most people have not been aware of.
    One of the things, which has been blocking these parts, of uncountable numbers of children, has been happening through the psychiatric pharmaceuticals that have been being consumed by masses of healthy and normal children. The push to put more children on psychiatric drugs is so strong that there are now even efforts to convince young parents that normal feelings, like sadness, are signs of "mental illness."
    I took the following pictures of page 10 in the November, 2015 issue of the New Hampshire Parenting magazine. The headlines read, "I think my child is Mentally ill" above a picture of a little girl who has the words "I feel sad," printed above her head. This really disturbed me, because it blatantly implies that a child’s sadness is a sign of “mental illness" which is not at all true. (And this is just a hint of a much larger problem.)

   I mean no offense to the Parenting magazine or the author of the article I photographed and I hope people do not leap to blame them, because both the author and the magazine may not be aware of what they are doing. But, regardless of intentions, the effect is what I'm concerned about. I'm sure that these sorts of ads have influenced many parents and their children in negative ways.
Sadness is NOT a sign of "mental illness" and children's
feelings should not be stifled with psychiatric drugs.
   Sadness is one of the natural feelings we were born with and we were born with the capability of feeling it for a good reason. Sadness in a child is an indication of them feeling hurt by something. All most sad children need is to have a good cry to let out the pain. Beyond this they need to be loved and comforted and encouraged to talk about what they feel hurt by. If the sadness is caused by some sort of severe trauma or abuse, that cannot be quickly cried out, the child may need some help with embracing and releasing the feelings and hopefully will not be brought to a psychiatrist who will prevent this critically important healing process through prescribing psychiatric pharmaceuticals, which numb the child's mind and/or block the child's feelings.
   When we do not allow our children the natural and healthy process of feeling and releasing their pain their hearts become blocked, and the more blocked their hearts become, among other things, they start losing their ability to care/love. It really is harmful for natural feelings, especially sadness, to be suppressed instead of felt and released, especially in children.

 Sadness is an indication of needing to cry and release the pain.


   It’s also harmful to convince children, that there is something wrong with them when there really is nothing wrong with them at all. Doing this is like committing a crime against the child. And I want to add that the hyperactivity (like ADHD or ADD...etc.) types of symptoms, that masses of children have been being drugged for, can be caused by the caffeine that has been put into sodas or high doses of sugar or lack of needed exercise...etc. A change of diet and/or more exercise may be all most of these children need.

   The dangers, in this situation, extend beyond the push to put masses of children on psychiatric drugs that block or numb, and sometimes even damage, the most important parts of them - their little hearts blocked from caring, their feelings and instincts blocked from sensing, their minds numbed, their conscience blocked and their natural process of inner growth either crippled or prevented from happening at all. And all of it must be realized and stopped as quickly as possible, because the results of it are already becoming very evident in our world. This has been extremely unhealthy for not only the children, but also the rest of humanity. We need more Heart in our world, instead of less.

    Now, with that said, a child who is experiencing what psychiatrists have now deemed as, medicatable symptoms, can also be an indication of the child needing to be protected from radio wave targeting. Among many other things, sadness, hyperactivity, fear, anger and depression can be inflicted with radio waves that interfere with brain function. Since various types of radio waves flood our homes, schools and communities (like for internet access or cell phone access) this is a serious problem, especially when intentionally harmful types of radio waves are used on them. I feel that even the low doses, of what has become the normal levels of radio waves, have been harming children as well as adults. But children are the ones who have been being hurt most. The radio waves should not be in schools or whole communities - they should not be any place where they are hurting anyone in any way or form.

 Children should not be subjected to ANYTHING that interferes with brain function
 and the natural process of feeling and healing and growing into healthy and whole
 human beings, whether its psychiatric drugs or radio waves or anything else.

   This leads me to another part of this problem. And I beg you to read this with your Heart and listen very closely to your own instincts. Hopefully they are not too blocked to do this effectively. Us adults have been being effected as well.

   This problem extends beyond children and adults who have been prescribed psychiatric pharmaceuticals and into the rest of humanity. These sorts of drugs have also been being found in public and bottled drinking water. Masses of even more healthy children (as well as adults) have been being drugged. (I have reason to believe that the chemicals, that are being used to numb people's senses and feelings have probably been being placed in more than just water and psychiatric drugs.)
   The pharmaceutical induced numbing of brain function and feelings, enables the complete success of brain-washings which can be technologically performed with radio waves that are tuned to the same frequency as the human brain. These brain-washings can range from mild to complete enslavement of the child. I strongly feel that this is a crisis that has already hit holocaustal levels and that it must be stopped as quickly as possible.

    I feel that this problem with heart blocking and sense numbing pharmaceuticals being forced upon humanity, in even more ways than I mention here, has been happening for so long and to so many that the current generations of humanity contain mostly wounded young adults who never had the chance to develop into caring, conscientious, compassionate, healthy human beings. The numbers of children who have been being stifled and wounded has been growing through at least the past two decades and must be stopped as quickly as possible.

  I understand how difficult it is to realize that uncountable numbers of healthy children have been being falsely labeled and drugged into mental, emotional and spiritual stagnation for the purpose of making money and/or enabling various levels of technological enslavement/control over them. And I understand how difficult it is to realize that masses of other people, both children and adults, have been being enslaved and used by dark forces in various ways. But we must face this, so that it can be stopped. And we must all become aware so that recovery can begin and be completed.

We must set our children free and heal the woundedness in our adult population.

    As this problem is faced, and people aim to restore freedom, it is vitally important that we refrain from all types of violence and be VERY careful to not misplace blame. Let's focus on setting children, as well as ourselves, free and focus on recovering from damages that have been done.
Never, in the history of humanity, has there been a more crucial time for the
 HEART of humanity to rise into a strong, PEACEFUL, stand for Freedom.

The following books by Sharon R. Poet contain more information and can be freely downloaded on, if you honestly cannot afford to buy them on Amazon.

Embracing Sadness; Contains more about the importance of embracing feelings.

Technological Holocaust; Has more information about the technological targeting and enslavement of humanity. Buy the new edition with the white cover.

The Heart Bud; Aims to make our world a better and more loving place for us all, especially our children.

Wisdom's Beacon for Freedom; Hopefully coming soon.

 Heart is the most important thing in the world because without it there would be no love, no compassion, no empathy, no goodness...etc, and too much of the opposite. So, our children retaining and recovering full use of their hearts is critically important for the future well-being of humanity. We need things to get better and not worse. Please help set our children free, all of humanity free and the awareness for recovery to happen.